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Is it just me or does this girl look a hell of a lot like that Anna Kendrick chick from those shitty group singing movies?

That’s besides the point, I just wanted to mention it in case it’s not just me who thinks there’s an uncanny resemblance. I’m actually typing this because I got overwhelmed by reminiscing over college days. It was undoubtedly the most fun I have ever had in my life.

I’d be lying if I said my college life had a lot of events like this one but then again so would anyone else. It’s way exaggerated for the sake of the porn fantasy but still, a lot more happened than does after college life for just about everyone.

That there is almost always something happening, some event, some party something, that is real, no matter what day of the week and weekends were just nuts.

And even I got laid more then than any other time in my life.

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Two coeds learn sex education in a hands on video

These two girls take their sex education course to higher levels with some intimate instruction with their professor. Instead of learning about the human reproductive system they spend their days learning how not to reproduce, and yet have a lot more fun then those silly breeders.

Your passion for college porn hasn’t gone unnoticed by the guys at Porno. They are increasing their college section to include free College Rules videos and they aren’t stopping there. They also have plenty of videos from other college porn sites and amateur videos uploaded by the coeds themselves.

With the internet getting littered with porn tubes you have a lot of choices on where you enjoy your videos at. Lots of sites try to upsell you on premium memberships and other kinds of bullshit. Stop the madness and join a free porn tube that doesn’t have a place to enter a credit card. So you cannot spend money here!

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In the movie The Witches of Eastwick the lead male character reportedly has a dick that is bent backwards. The witches get a big kick out of this anomaly as they recount their individual sexual encounters with him. In this College Rules video the lead male also has a dick that is bent backwards and, just like in the Hollywood movie, the girls love it.

For those of us not into looking at other guys cocks I must mention the movie also has three hot coeds in it. That is six boobs, three vaginas and three sets of ass cheeks ready to make your night!

Get real college porn sent in by the students on a weekly basis. As a bare minimum I suggest trying the site out for a few days for just a buck. Make sure to uncheck the pre-checked offer at the bottom of the join page where you put your credit card. That way it stays just a buck and you can cancel without hassles online!

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Take a look at the college porn video from College Rules above and then come back and I will tell you a story about my friend Jake and I.

We went hunting wild pigs in central California and his nephew was gracious enough to lend us his room at his frat house. Each and every night of the week there was a party at the house and Jake and I kept telling each other how strange it was. It was like we were in college again.

Beer pong had just started taking off and we were naturals at it. Both of us were avid darts players. If you can hit a tiny red bulls eye from almost eight feet away throwing a ping pong ball into an extremely wide target only a few feet away is a piece of cake!

Because of our ability to kick ass and take names later at beer pong we developed quite a following among the college kids. Everyone and their sister were coming out to watch these two old farts play. Old? Shit, we were only 40! It’s like the new 30 right?

That is what I kept telling the girls giving Jake a lap dance for his birthday. It wasn’t really his birthday, but hey, they should have checked his I.D. like the girls as Denny’s do!

Jake wasn’t expecting much from his lap dance, but then he also didn’t know I spend a lot of time working with porn. Leaning on my years of experience getting college girls to act like porn stars for the Internet I played these two girls off of each other. Of course the alcohol they consumed losing to us in beer pong helped too.

Over time I had the girls trying to one up each other with old Jake. It wasn’t all one sided either. Unlike me, Jake is fit, and like me, he is hung like a horse!

Once his cock got hard both of the girls were practically fighting over it. Jake asked if they’d like to see it and you’d have thought they both hadn’t seen a penis in real life before. Both shot a hand out to grasp it and with Jake’s length both found their own patch of cock to hand-squat on.

The blonde one didn’t much appreciate being on the bottom of Jake’s shaft while the brunette was hogging the top. After some tense moments the blonde opened her mouth and started sucking on the head of Jake’s cock. Jake seemed just find with this arrangement.

After about thirty seconds of some very thirsty looking sucking the brunette moved her hand up pushing the blondes mouth off in the process. It was her turn and she was going to take it. Just then I came up with a new rule. Each girl got 30 seconds of uninterrupted time with Jake’s cock before the other girl could cut in.

Both girls agreed and it was again the blondes turn. I don’t know who’s sister she was, but I was pretty sure her mom was Linda Lovelace. She just about swallowed all of his cock. So far in fact that you could see her throat puff up as he slid past her tonsils!

The brunette was getting uptight and when it was her turn she spit on Jake’s member. Then she worked both hands up and down his shaft while seemingly tongue kissing the head. I could tell Jake was loving this because he looked like he needed to fill this bitches stomach with first place juice.

Nope! Blondes turn again. She went back to her sword swallowing ways, again, to no avail. Mid way through the brunettes turn Jake bust his nut in her mouth. She came up for air a bit soon and caught some jizz on her cheek. The blonde took this to mean she was cleared for taking her consolation prize and she mouthed Jake’s cock head while he spurt the last of his cum wad down her throat.

I am not sure what this has to do with the video above, but I have to say, it certainly brought back some great memories. We never did shoot a pig that trip, but my boy Jake stuck two sluts with his spear!

College Rules updates weekly and every episode is worth its weight in sperm!

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Damn! Talk about some cock hungry coeds!


This is College Porn and we expose all of the naughty things girls do when they are supposed to be getting an education. Over at College Rules the girls are just trying to make ends meet. What they end up doing this in more contexts than one!


College Rules pays college coeds to film their sexual exploits. In this episode the boys invite over three girls starving for cock juice. After several games of beer pong and some naked keg stands the girls are getting a bit randy with Randy – the well hung stud in the picture.


The site updates weekly and gives you access to a network of great College Porn. If you are tired of looking at Barbie dolls with plastic tits the girls at College Rules will make your night!

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What would college porn be without wet t-shirts contests? Well, that was kind of rhetorical, but I will answer it anyway… Nastier than Martha Stuart’s dried up, prune of a pussy!


Fuck that shit!


College is a time for fun, sun and sex! Chicks go to college for more than an education, they go to let off steam. To shed all of the insecurities they built up in high school. College guys don’t mind the unsightly mole on your left breast, they just want to fuck!


Get back to college life with College Rules. They update the site with real coeds having a real good time each and every week. Why do the girls get so fucking nutty? Because they get $10K if their video makes it into the members area.


Hey, college tuition is going up, not down! These girls need to make ends meet and flashing some gorgeous titties is one heck of a way of shoring up the college fund!


Watch the tits fly at College Rules!

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Oh yeah!


Tight college pussy… There ain’t nothing like burying your cock to the hilt inside some coeds tight snatch. She hasn’t had kids yet. She hasn’t fucked Tom, Dick and Harry yet. Her pussy is almost as tight as her ass!

College Rules is a whole new way of making porn. Essentially, you don’t make it at all! Let the kids do the hard stuff and send it in for some much needed cash! The participants get $10,000 and we all get some of the best, unscripted porn ever created!




~ Get more college porn at College Rules ~

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