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Alright you fucktards. Front and center. It is time for a pop quiz and to find out which ones of you are leaning towards gaydom. Can you tell which of these ladies is a babe and which ones are fake?

You sure about that?

Wrong, dipshit!

You had better take the fucking test at See if you have what it takes to keep yourself out of trouble after a hard night of drinking. We wouldn’t want you to take home the girl of your dreams only to find out she isn’t really a princess at all!

Babe or Fake will help you develop the skills required to accurately determine if you are looking at a shemale or a female. The doctors are getting better and better at creating convincing transsexuals. Arm yourself with a little bit of knowledge or your frat party friends might end up taking some pretty disgusting pictures of you.

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In the movie The Witches of Eastwick the lead male character reportedly has a dick that is bent backwards. The witches get a big kick out of this anomaly as they recount their individual sexual encounters with him. In this College Rules video the lead male also has a dick that is bent backwards and, just like in the Hollywood movie, the girls love it.

For those of us not into looking at other guys cocks I must mention the movie also has three hot coeds in it. That is six boobs, three vaginas and three sets of ass cheeks ready to make your night!

Get real college porn sent in by the students on a weekly basis. As a bare minimum I suggest trying the site out for a few days for just a buck. Make sure to uncheck the pre-checked offer at the bottom of the join page where you put your credit card. That way it stays just a buck and you can cancel without hassles online!

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In this college porn video the kids decide to sing in the rain. Then they break out their sex organs and fuck. I love coeds. They are so spon-taneous!

I found this clip in one of what I had thought would be the most unlikely spot, a free emo porn tube. I guess when I think of Emo girls I don’t correlate them with college level thinkers. As it turns out they are usually pretty smart and often are smarter than the "normal" girls society loves to compare them to.

You can watch more videos of coeds in the Goth, Emo and punk scenes as they romp without a care in the world about who sees it. Some of the girls even address their bitchy aunte or grandma in the video with something akin to, "I hope you like watching your granddaughter get fucked in the ass, grandma. Grandpa was the one that showed me how to do it my first time!"


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