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There are two things that all college couples do once they move into their first apartment together. Before anything else they paint the walls so it matches their likes and attitudes. While painting they get flirty and the second criteria for properly christening a new apartment comes into play. Having sex on the floor for the first time in their new place!

What is hilarious is that after these kinds of college porn moments the young couple doesn’t realize that they made a snow angel pattern on the carpet letting everyone that helps them move their furniture in their new home know they did the deed right there in the middle of the room the day before. LOL

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Strip Beer Pong At Crazy College Party - Free Videos Adult Sex Tube - BedRoomMedia

There are two things in this world that make my cock harder than a rock. One of them is watching nubile teen coeds play strip beer pong for the first time. There is something about seeing their perky little titties jiggle and seeing their panties ride up their cute firm butts. They think they are liberating themselves from their parents. In reality they are liberating themselves from their brains. Either way we all come out on top.

The other thing that makes my cock hard is viewing free porn movies online. Especially college porn movies. If my wife caught me watching this kind of shit I’d be skewered. Having some clever company place their stupid attempt at being funny with their name on my credit card statement is the last thing I need!

One of the most beautiful things about strip beer pong with coeds is you can actually get yourself invited to their parties. Just bring a cooler filled with Coors Light and some red cups and they are like putty in your hands!

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