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The Tuscan Tramp – College Fuck Fest


So a frat brother finally hit his 21st birthday and the brothers decided to throw him one insane party. A party so diabolically gregarious they decided they would have to film it so future frat brothers would know the glory that was there class.


They didn’t know then that the video would end up on the Internet, but it did. The frat brothers needed some cash and College Fuck Fest paid them a nice chunk of change to get them out of their jamb.


This grabby boob slut was Micah’s birthday present. She was drunk and twisted and having sex with a video camera rolling just seemed like a good way to piss off her parents. Things started out normal enough, but then Micah started performing for the camera. He saw how the guys in porn movies really banged the chicks hard and he just started jack-hammering this girls pussy!


His little fuck slut didn’t know what to make of it. Should she stop him? Would she look like an idiot? Do other girls actually like getting fucked this hard? Did Micah have to have such a large cock???


Being a good sport she hung on to the bitter end. When Micah was ready to blow he pulled out and slapped her cheek with his hardon. She had never mouthed a cock this big. She hoped he didn’t grab the back of her head and thrust his hard cock down her throat.


Right when Micah was thinking he should grab this bitches head and ram his cock down her pretty little throat he exploded his load into her pretty little mouth instead. She slurped it all up forgetting to let some of his cum run down her chin. Stupid bitch!


Luckily Micah had plenty of cum and she was able to let some dribble down her lower lip to her chin. Now Micah’s birthday was complete. He got his dick sucked by some random chick at a frat party. How fucking cool is that?


Grab a College Fuck Fest pass and watch how sick and disgusting these College Porn cats get when they see a camera pointed at them. They say everybody wants their 15 minutes of fame. These girls are getting 15 minutes of shame!


… and loving every minute of it!

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