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You really can’t call it luck. I mean, the guys a stud, he broke with tradition and actually did well in high school as far as grades went. Now he is going to college and driving a Beamer. Sure, his mom and dad bought him the car, but had he just cruised by he was getting grandma’s old Chrysler.


So he is in college and the chicks all want to ride in his car. They want to hang out at the parties he attends. They get drunk and fuck the gear shifter in his Beamer. Its leather, but he says it was worth it!


Now he is getting paid $10K for this college porn video he made of himself banging these two coeds. Think what you want about him, but know he is living the life!


dorm_room_porn_lesbians college_porn coed_sex


Don’t have a Beamer, good grades or six pack abs?


No problemo, my friend!


Just get a membership to the Dare Dorm and watch the tom foolery!

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The Tuscan Tramp – College Fuck Fest


So a frat brother finally hit his 21st birthday and the brothers decided to throw him one insane party. A party so diabolically gregarious they decided they would have to film it so future frat brothers would know the glory that was there class.


They didn’t know then that the video would end up on the Internet, but it did. The frat brothers needed some cash and College Fuck Fest paid them a nice chunk of change to get them out of their jamb.


This grabby boob slut was Micah’s birthday present. She was drunk and twisted and having sex with a video camera rolling just seemed like a good way to piss off her parents. Things started out normal enough, but then Micah started performing for the camera. He saw how the guys in porn movies really banged the chicks hard and he just started jack-hammering this girls pussy!


His little fuck slut didn’t know what to make of it. Should she stop him? Would she look like an idiot? Do other girls actually like getting fucked this hard? Did Micah have to have such a large cock???


Being a good sport she hung on to the bitter end. When Micah was ready to blow he pulled out and slapped her cheek with his hardon. She had never mouthed a cock this big. She hoped he didn’t grab the back of her head and thrust his hard cock down her throat.


Right when Micah was thinking he should grab this bitches head and ram his cock down her pretty little throat he exploded his load into her pretty little mouth instead. She slurped it all up forgetting to let some of his cum run down her chin. Stupid bitch!


Luckily Micah had plenty of cum and she was able to let some dribble down her lower lip to her chin. Now Micah’s birthday was complete. He got his dick sucked by some random chick at a frat party. How fucking cool is that?


Grab a College Fuck Fest pass and watch how sick and disgusting these College Porn cats get when they see a camera pointed at them. They say everybody wants their 15 minutes of fame. These girls are getting 15 minutes of shame!


… and loving every minute of it!

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College is fucking awesome, and not because it brings out the best and brightest, but because it causes the hottest babes in the world to do stupid shit like get naked in public!


Seriously… These girls think they are proving something right now, but the only thing they are proving… or should I say providing… is that their kids will be having these photos of them shared throughout their high school years. Talk about future MILF pics! FFF-aaa-ck!!!


College Porn comes in many forms on the Internet and my favorite by far is candid stuff. Real chicks, real nudity, real candid! That is what Teenie Beach GFs is all about. They even have high school girls in bikinis!


Along with the candid beach pics of various stages of dress they also have total nudity. This photo and the included video (click the picture above) don’t do justice to the quality inside the members area. Things get bigger, better and crystal clear!


Grab a Girlfriend Access password and you can get 15 sites for one low price. I swear, it is like people are practically giving away porn these days! Remember when you had to buy a Playboy College Girls issue to see this kind of shit? Hey, at least those girls got paid! These naked chicks are just plain stupid!


But I am not a hater! I love this kind of college porn!

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drunk_sex_orgy drunk_orgy_coeds


So I am watching Showtime’s show called Shameless and the main character played by Emma Rossum gets dressed up for a night clubbing with her boyfriend and I can’t help but think she looks more like a call girl than a coed!


But that is how it is in the real world too. Girls hit their senior year in college and they think they know it all. In reality they don’t know shit and end up in some pretty embarrassing situations like having a drunk sex orgy!


The funny shit is the girls are too proud to admit their mistakes and try to defend them instead. All that does is cause these egotistical girls to relive their bad behavior over and over again.


Their moral loss is your college porn gain!


Drunk Sex Orgy is filled with crazy bitches getting exploited by the quarterback or the short stop, or both at the same time!


Get daily updates on the Tainster network. Nothing but the sickest, most vile, disgusting shit makes it into the members area and you get unlimited access to all of it. Download all you want and watch it even if you cancel!


Watch the videos at Drunk Sex Orgy!

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Damn! Talk about some cock hungry coeds!


This is College Porn and we expose all of the naughty things girls do when they are supposed to be getting an education. Over at College Rules the girls are just trying to make ends meet. What they end up doing this in more contexts than one!


College Rules pays college coeds to film their sexual exploits. In this episode the boys invite over three girls starving for cock juice. After several games of beer pong and some naked keg stands the girls are getting a bit randy with Randy – the well hung stud in the picture.


The site updates weekly and gives you access to a network of great College Porn. If you are tired of looking at Barbie dolls with plastic tits the girls at College Rules will make your night!

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Marushek, Gavrushek and Zdenka in a wild threesome at Teenburg Tube


During this holiday season it is important to keep in mind that sharing with your brother is one of the most important ways you can show kindness to your fellow man. At these brothers took that life lesson to a whole new level by sharing in the pleasures of a girl at the same time!


With Teen Burg you get to see real teenagers having sex the way real teenagers do. They are willing to try everything as they explore their sexuality!


Get more college porn like this on the TeenBurg Tube! It updates and has hundreds of Teen Burg clips like this one. Trust me, a membership here goes a long way towards having a joyful Christmas!

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Girls are funny. Take this blonde hottie above for example. In high school she wouldn’t wear short skirts or show cleavage. Having modesty was very important to her. Guys were cock blocked left and right by her prudish views on teenage sexuality.


These days she is banging guys on camera. Give a girl some beer and Jagermeister, turn on a camera, and the next thing you know they can’t get enough cock inside them!


Get your college porn from College Fuck Fest. They go out and do the dirty work so you can stay home and enjoy the show from the privacy of your own home.


One password gets you access to over 60 sites. Others include sites like Big Cock Crew, Britney Bangs, Me and My GFs and more!

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collegefuckfest_com_1 collegefuckfest_com_3


It’s OK, sweet thang, just some cameras and a few of the boys hanging around while I pound that tight pussy of yours… Besides, nobody will ever see this!


Yeah right! This blonde coed hottie found out the hard way that College Fuck Fest has a huge following of fans. Her uncle, her cousins, her brothers, shit – even her grandpa has spent some time on the site! I can only imagine how her Thanksgiving holiday was with all of them staring at her from across the table after seeing this video!


The College Fuck Fest crew started the college porn niche years ago. They have been included in mainstream media news reports on CNN, 60 Minutes, Fox News and more. Even Oprah has taken note of the site!


OK… So Oprah wasn’t exactly a fan of the format, can a million horny guys be wrong? Probably… But sometimes being wrong can feel so right!


Watch her get rammed at College Fuck Fest!

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What would college porn be without wet t-shirts contests? Well, that was kind of rhetorical, but I will answer it anyway… Nastier than Martha Stuart’s dried up, prune of a pussy!


Fuck that shit!


College is a time for fun, sun and sex! Chicks go to college for more than an education, they go to let off steam. To shed all of the insecurities they built up in high school. College guys don’t mind the unsightly mole on your left breast, they just want to fuck!


Get back to college life with College Rules. They update the site with real coeds having a real good time each and every week. Why do the girls get so fucking nutty? Because they get $10K if their video makes it into the members area.


Hey, college tuition is going up, not down! These girls need to make ends meet and flashing some gorgeous titties is one heck of a way of shoring up the college fund!


Watch the tits fly at College Rules!

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meandmygfs_com_1 meandmygfs_com_2


We can’t all be as lucky as the guy at Me and My GFs, but we certainly can come along for the ride! And what a wild ride it is. This dude takes you along as he picks up chicks in public and then brings them home to bang the shit out of them. Heck, you might even learn a thing or two about getting chicks to go home with you!


Me and My GFs updates weekly and is part of the Porn Pros network. With tons of sites in a variety of niches you never get bored here. Sites like 18 Years Old and Jurassic Cock will have your teen cravings cured. Other sites like Freaks of Cock and 40oz Bounce help to make this one well rounded pass (no pun intended).


Get your college porn at Porn Pros!

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Now here is a treat!


The blonde babe on the left is the perfect specimen for eraser nipples. Then on the right, this little hottie has some equally hot and exotic inverted nipples!


Get real coeds having coed sex at College Rules. The site features hundreds of hot babes from around the US and parts of Canada. The girls get crazy insane both indoors and outdoors!


College Rules updates weekly and everything is submitted by the students so you won’t find this college porn anywhere else. This isn’t cookie cutter bullshit, this is about as real as it gets!

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Oh yeah!


Tight college pussy… There ain’t nothing like burying your cock to the hilt inside some coeds tight snatch. She hasn’t had kids yet. She hasn’t fucked Tom, Dick and Harry yet. Her pussy is almost as tight as her ass!

College Rules is a whole new way of making porn. Essentially, you don’t make it at all! Let the kids do the hard stuff and send it in for some much needed cash! The participants get $10,000 and we all get some of the best, unscripted porn ever created!




~ Get more college porn at College Rules ~

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